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  is it a judicial give-a-way to  the property barons of NYC so they can maximize rental profits and property values? Or is it  the end of  SchoolProperty Tax?  The ruling says the state (not the local taxpayer) is constitutionally responsible or providing a K-12 education.  Click for the lawsuit,   Zarb report and  opinions


School Budget Vote Tuesday, May 17th

LI School Budget Vote 2016-17 and Trustee Elections Long Island School budget 2016-17  totals… $12,176,299,433
Nassau 2016-17 School budget totals… $5,647,371,304
Suffolk  2016-17  School budget  totals…$6,434,841,367

Long Island 2016-17 tax levy ...  $8,402,538,076
Nassau 2016-17 tax levy…$4,421,9153,014
 Suffolk 2016-17 1ax levy$4,117,493,167

Projected Long Island 2016-17  enrollment442,786
Projected Nassau  2016-17 enrollment … 198,225
Projected Suffolk 2016-17 enrollments …241,380

   For detailed Excel list of all LI School District 2016-17 Budgets
   For the last 10 years of NYS school budgets
   For the last 10 years of NYS School Aid
  or all LI School websites 
  LI School Budget Vote 2015-16 and Trustee Elections 
  LI School Budget Vote 2014-5 and Trustee Elections 
Support Taxpayer and Mandate Relief Bill A4856
Taxpayers should not pay more or children get less because of law that hinder negotiation
More than 1.6 million people have left New York State between 2000 and 2010, taking with them $97 billion in adjusted gross income.  They left because we are the highest taxed State in the union. The three drivers of perpetual tax increases are Mandatory Arbitration, Triborough Amendment, and Pensions. Michael Fitzpatrick’s Bill A8602 is the  solution. A panel of leaders comprised from the Empire Center, NYS School Boards Association, Center for Cost Effective Government, Local Government leaders, Taxpayer advocates and Business Groups will express their views, listen to yours and ask for your support this legislation. for bill .
Tell the Governor, Speaker & Majority leader to Pass the Bill It  has the potential to generate $300 million in voluntary contributions to support K-12 education and lower school taxes
You can call the Governor at 518-474-8390 or email him at  Governorcontactform.php
You can contact Senator Skelos at 516-766-8383 or email him at
You can contact Speaker Heasiter at 212-312-1420 or email him at

STOP Common Core

The State and Federal Constitutions both prohibit Federal involvement in education. The Framers considered federal involvement tantamount to giving the government the hearts and minds of our children.

Changing curriculum or standardizing tests do not address the reasons our students do not test as well as students from other countries. Our Policy of Inclusion cannot be measured against countries that don't offer it.

Problems associated with U.S. student development include: children have been given Rights they are not mature enough to understand; social and economic imbalances which create vastly different learning environments; the teacher-parent relationship is not as good as it once was and differs from classroom to classroom; and each student is unique and will reach his/her greatest potential uniquely.

New York’s Triborough Amendment, mandates that public employees  are entitled to automatic  salary increases and fringe benefits, regardless of changing fiscal conditions or changing local  priorities and regardless of an expired contract.  Triborough  creates a disincentive for teachers  to accept terms and conditions less costly than those allowed in their previous contract and that drastically limits  the employer (ttaxpayers), ability to negotiate changes in a depressed economy.  Recently, the impact of the Triborough Amendment was felt  when Governor Cuomo attempted  to negotiate a less costly contract with a union. He failed.  In union,Answer was  We have  the Triborough Amendment- why do this to ourselves?
 Best Practices For Public Pension Transparency
 Governor lays down the law with pension padders 
 The Utah Pension Model
 Public pensions will clobber LI 
  Wage freeze for public sector        

Jumbo pensions' spark state funding debate

Annual LI retired Teacher & Administrator TRS pensions

Annual LI Retired NYS employee pensions

If a school district submits a budget that is within the cap, a simple majority vote can pass it. If it fails, the school district may have a second vote, but if the second vote fails, or the district chooses not to resubmit the budget, the tax levy will be frozen at the previous year’s level.   Likewise, if a school district submits a budget that exceeds the cap, a super majority vote of 60% is needed for passage. If it fails, the district may have a second vote. If the budget fails twice, or the district chooses not to resubmit, the tax levy will be frozen at the previous year’s level.
Municipal spending, member Items, Salaries

Benjamin Franklin The new republic could survive only if the people were virtuous in the sense of attention to civic duty and rejected corruption. 

NY Public Payroll Clips (state-local  union contracts -salaries + much more)
Cuomo’s Project Sunlight (state-local member items + much more)
NYS Open Book (county, school, town and special district actual spending)
NYS Public Pension Calculator)   
Kerby's Korner (research, news clips & wow ) 
Kerby’s korner NYS Education Statistics simplified 
Tax Savvy’s truth about US educational  results
 The clock is running out for Long Island
 Ten Legislative Ideas To Reduce School Taxes   
 Salaries - Report Cards 
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  The union is the students and taxpayers biggest problem  

  The union is about power and  teachers not  students  

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  'Hard Truth' on Education (WSJ)

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 LIFER on Curriculum 

 Long Island Index Report... Failure in Education
  Report Sees a Failure in Educating All Students

  The problem with teacher unions