Anita's Clips

   Schools Stockpile Taxpayer Cash  
Fewer Students,  More Teachers  
NY School Spending Dosen't add up
   Wage freeze for public sector  
   Only two States win  race to the top  
Readind scores lag behind math  
Scratch one Tax hike     
 Roslyn teachers agree to temporary pay freeze 
   Austerity Budgets get even less real
Here comes a big, fat school-tax hike     
 The Case for Saturday School
Senate backs school tax cap 
   Tax-hike back stab
 Decades"-Long Pension Padding
   Paterson tax cap 3.0 is even more porous
 National School Standards, at Last  

  Young Teachers will reform unions and education
   Obama Outlines Sweeping Education Revamp
   California's College Dreamers
 NYSUT scores again
 Building a Better Teacher
 Budget squeeze may imperil state Regents exams
 No State Left Behind
 Scholar’s School Reform U-Turn Shakes Up Debate
 More LI districts consider closing elementary schools
   Governor Paterson takes 10 percent pay cut
   CPI rose 27% & LI schools Taxes rose 72%. Class SizeDebated
   NJ residents challenge teacher contracts.(NYPublicPayroll)
   Uncovering the Perks of Albany’s Fallen G.O.P(NY Times)
    Report Sees a Failure in Educating All Students (NY Times)
   Long Island Index Reports Failure in Education

   Avoiding teacher layoffs with "shared sacrifice"

   Back to the Future (NY Publicpayroll Watch)

   EJ McMahon Assembly Committee on Real Property Taxation

   77% of voters say teachers are more interested in mony than kids

   100 Best High Schools (US News & World Report)

    LI groups mull how to curb school spending, taxes(Newsday)

    No new tricks in Albany yesterday, just lack of leadership(Newsday)

    GOP: Support Gov. Paterson in spending cuts (Newsday)

    Gold-Plated Pensions  (NY POST)


    If No Givebacks, Then No Bailout (NY Daily News)

     New York Budget Gaps Threaten Broader Economy (Wall St J )

   Suozzi calls on Dems to support property tax cap (NY Daily News)

    Public Employees Get Rich While Employers Go Bust

    Why Silver & other bums stay in power  (NY Daily News)

    How not to balance a Budget  (Wall Street Journal)

    It's embarrassing when Democrats talk about education (Newsweek) 

    SAT scores rise for Tax Caped Mass students (Boston Globe)  

    NY Post backs Paul Newal over Sheldon Silver  Wall  

    Connecticut Faces  a School Tax Revolt  (Wall St Journal)

    NY Times backs Paul Newall calls Silver a through Back

    Silver's Other Sin  (NY Post)

   Teachers' Union Buys Votes  (Associated Press )

    Shrinking New York’s Budget (NY Timest)

   Giving education a lift in form of tax cap (Newsday)

    Thwarting Relief Of High Ny Taxes (NY Post) 

   Obama’s No-Brainer on Education  (Nesweekt)

    Turf war in Albany Tax cap -v- union's influence (Newsdayt) 

      Leave This Child Behind (NY Post)

   NYSUT suspends endorsements of senators over tax cap vote

    The Vampire Tax (NY Post) 

    New York Senate Caps School Tax Increases at 4%  (NY Times)

    Stupid Budget Tricks  (NY Times)

   Teachers Go Nuclear (NY Post) 

    Property tax cap 101 (Newsday) 

   It's time for education reform (NY Daly News) 

   Denver Teachers Object to Changes In Pay-for-Performance Plan

   NY Assembly eyes 'circuit breaker' property tax bill (Newsday)

   Spin Cycle (Newsday)

  Senate OKs Tax Cap (Newsday) 

   Teachers Look Warm on Property Tax Plan  (Newsday)

  The Next Kind of Integration (NY Times) 

    Non-Union Jobs

    Schools For Snowflakes (NY Post)