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Welcome to Kerby's Korner 

  About Graham A. Kerby:
 PhD in history, Trinity College, Cambridge University, England, First Class B.A. Honors    Degree,  University of Manchester, England
   Interests: public policy, the culture wars, economics, finance, historical finance, socio-biology,            evolutionary psychology, the theories of Karl Marx, Marxist class theory, the labor theory of value,            class and status  in history, the history, sociology, psychology and biology of the leisure class,
   jiu-jitsu, landscaping

: analysis, data analysis, graphics, marketing research, opinion polling, research,          investing
Resides: East Setauket, New York State, USA    Born: July 18, 1952, Chester, England

     Three Village Central School District Fiscal Crisis - Feb. 8,  2010      
     Special Education Presentation to Tax Cap Commission  - Sept.  9, 2008
LIFER Special Education Report  Tax Cap Commission - Sept . 9, 2008
      LIFER Special Education Report  - Nov.  21, 2008
      Miscelleneous New York State Public School Statistics
New York State Public School Finances 1990 – 2008
      The New York State Budget 1991 – 2006
     NYSUT Teachers Campaign Contributions January 2, 1999 - March 3, 2008
 NYS Teachers Retirement System Pension Debacle
     Graham brings a crooked superintendent to justice   Part I  Part 2