Long Island Index Report... Failure in Education

LONG ISLAND’S public school system, long considered the crown jewel of suburban life here, costs too much and fails to deliver quality education to all students, according to a new study.

National Center on Education and the Economy

Restructuring America 's economic preeminence hinges on the preeminence

of our educational system. Unfortunately, America has been lagging behind

on key educational indicators for quite some time. Nothing short of radical

change will turn the situation around. The final report will propose a restructuring of educational priorities that will have a major impact on all levels of education – from preschool to college and beyond  

Eric Hanushek

Smaller Classes the wrong investment for schools

Does small class size improve education?

Why are public schools so bad at hiring good instructors

Hover Institute, Stanford University

The Politics of Decline by Jay GallagherWhy is New York reeling while the Sun Belt is thriving? Veteran journalist Jay Gallagher tackles these questions, and comes up with answers - as well as solutions. The bottom line is that most citizens have been paying so little attention to what happens in the state Capitol that decisions made there are hurting them. They're losing out to special interests like labor unions and lawyers 



Jay P. Greene

Education Myths for website for book

. What special interest groups want you to believe and why.


The Myth About Homework

Think hours of slogging are helping your child make the grade? Think again


Why kids can't count

Bill Gates on what kids need


New Research Reveals Teacher Ed Lowers Pupil Scores.

Some prominent researchers say that fewer than 10 percent of teachers actually know how to teach reading to students who "do not get it" automatically.


Phonics -v- Whole Language

  for Phonics for Whole Language

http://www.manateemiddle.org/phonics/newpage13.htmWHOLE-LANGUAGE vs. PHONICS EXPLAINED

School in 1895 - final exam by John Peters      
Think you can pass?  

  Standard & Poor's opinion of your district